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Number 34 (4631)
dated September 18, 2022:

JINR sports facilities:
to maintain the level and to develop

In the last days of summer, we asked the Director of JINR sports facilities Vladimir LOMAKIN to tell us about how it had passed at the sports facilities of the Joint Institute - what they had managed to repair, what competitions they had held, what plans they had got.

Nowadays, we have hot days in the sports complex - construction work is underway. They have started with some delay due to scheduling problems, but decisions have been made that we even have had no hope for. The JINR Directorate has allocated funds, as well as for all our previous repairs, for which many thanks to Grigory Trubnikov and for help in carrying out the work - to A.A.Brun and his staff.

JINR Sports Club. In January, the JINR Sports Club turned 60, its reconstruction is long overdue. Currently, the windows are replaced that have become very dilapidated over a long service life. Outside, the Sports Club looks unusual, negative opinions are expressed on social networks about this. For those who have done sports in the Club, the windows caused criticism for another reason: tennis players could not play tennis because of the sun glare, we covered the windows with curtains, football players hit the ball so that the frames rattled and the glass threatened to fall out. Modern gyms are mostly windowless. Of course, we still have to improve the lighting in the hall. Outside, the concrete blocks will be plastered, perhaps we will put some kind of graffiti or bas-reliefs with sports symbols on them. It is too early to think about it now, because next year a major overhaul of the entire facade will be released, we will consult with designers on its external appearance.

We have also completed the sanding of the floor of the large hall and next year we hope to lay artificial turf on it for playing tennis and to repair the interiors of the large hall. Of course, we need to install a new barrier net and perform other work. Plans also call for a good modern gym and installing new training equipment in it. Work on replacing windows and restoration of the Sports Club will be carried out until mid-October. Further reconstruction will be next summer, the rest of the time it will work as usual.

It has long been planned to demolish the shed houses that are already under 70, on the pier of the Yacht Club, there is a nice design project for a new building with the required service and repair facilities that will only decorate the embankment.

Swimming pool. A restored mosaic with Neptune was erected on the wall of the pool along Stroiteley Street in the old place. I had great fears for the integrity of the repaired wall during this work, there was a possibility of a violation of the waterproofing and vapor barrier, especially since, according to the original project, they wanted to dismantle the large area of the wall cladding. We managed with minimal intervention, although the design of the mosaic has not been fully restored, we will think about how to install a metal ornament around it. Two years ago, we were able to overhaul the roof of the pool, but during use problem spots were identified. At the end of August, work on eliminating these spots started. I don't know how long they will last, but they will not affect the opening of the pool. Also, the annual partial cosmetic repairs of all premises have been carried out on our own.

We have been waiting for many years for the implementation of an important project for the functioning of the pool that was approved this year, but its implementation has so far stalled due to some points - the design of a second entrance to the engine room of the pool. The engine room contains large equipment installed during the construction of "Archimedes" that cannot be replaced through a single standard doorway. Large-sized water filters have long been in need of replacement, it is no longer possible to patch them - the metal has become so thin that it simply burns out when you try to put another patch. We hope that next year we will have a second entrance and we will finally be able to change filters and other equipment that needs to be replaced. Another work that we started talking about three years ago - to make a new supply of cold water to the pool, has already started to be implemented. Repair work on the roadway of Stroiteley Street, where these communications take place, is carried out every year. Therefore, in September-October, pool users will feel inconvenience two or three times: the pool will not work at the time of tie-in to a new water supply.

Nowadays, the bath is filled, so that in the second half of September, "Archimedes" will open for swimming lovers. Unfortunately, the cost of subscriptions this year will increase by 5-10 percent. Support remains for the staff of the Institute: payment of 50 percent of the cost under the collective agreement, the Trade Union Committee of JINR has also been supporting its members in recent years.

Stadium "Nauka". A design project for the complete outdoor improvement of the stadium has been completed that will require large expenditures. We will implement it step by step. Currently, a project of a chess room is being developed and we really look forward to changing its design, making it more attractive for young athletes, as well. There is a project for a complete renovation of a sauna. The stadium requires constant care and maintenance of simulators and buildings, we do a lot of work on our own. All summer long, classes at the stadium did not stop, the JINR football team participated in the championship of the Taldom region and city competitions. A small football field with artificial turf is popular; teams from the city's schools and others played on it. Workout simulators and a treadmill are also popular. Groups from kindergartens come to us to exercise; summer children's camps hold their own competitions. The stadium enjoys well-deserved popularity; its current state cannot be compared with what it was 10 years ago.

Tennis courts. The courts next to the pool are in relatively good condition. However, there is no outdoor lighting on them. Russia has not switched to daylight saving time for several years and at 8:00 PM in the evening it is already dark to play, this session is not in demand among tennis players. With artificial lighting, we will be able to extend tennis sessions much longer. It would be nice to make a locker room for athletes. The next Dzhelepovsky tournament has recently been held on these courts, both cosmonauts and other guests have traditionally participated in it, later a professional tournament has been held among veterans that brought together more than 80 participants from different cities of Russia - and everyone noted that the courts were excellent, as it was good to play on them. We are officially handed over the courts at the Cultural Centre "Mir" that were under the authority of the Club of Scientists. Last year they were equipped with modern conveniences and when they began to be used and it started to rain, technological imperfections were revealed. In July, we carried out repairs, opened everything up, redesigned, put gravel instead of geotextiles, made diversion grooves and wells and rolled everything up again. Unfortunately, there was no rain, maybe it would have revealed something. And when the JINR staff started playing, there were reviews that the courts were excellent.

Sport. The nearest competitions are at the end of September - the traditional run in memory of V.I.Veksler, in spring - memorial swims in memory of G. N. Flerov and competitions in ten sports dedicated to the Foundation Day of the Institute. We have held many other memorable competitions: in table tennis, barbell, kettlebell lifting, a new tennis tournament in memory of D. V. Shirkov has appeared. Even in the calendar there are up to 50-60 competitions of various levels, the teams of the Institute's employees always participate in the city sports days and win places on the podium. Director of the Institute Grigory Trubnikov is a volleyball player and always supports sport, just as it was supported by Victor Matveev, in general, the JINR Directorate has always comprehended our desire to develop. Whereas, the Institute is not able to realize all the wishes of our citizens who use the services of JINR sports facilities - to build an ice palace, to have indoor courts. However, indoor courts would be very useful: instead of 11-12 outdoor courts in the city in summer, in winter there are only two halls that do not accommodate all tennis fans.

We invite the employees of the Joint Institute and all citizens of Dubna to take advantage of the excellent opportunities offered by the JINR sports facilities to start practicing some kind of sport or to maintain and improve the existing level of sports!

Olga Tarantina, photo by the author

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