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The main materials of the issue (No 36 of 22.09.22):

9th BM@N Collaboration Meeting started
On 13 September, the 9th Collaboration Meeting of the BM@N experiment started at the Laboratory of High Energy Physics JINR. The BM@N (Barionic Matter at Nuclotron) experimental facility, which is a part of the NICA megascience project, is now undergoing preparations for the future heavy-ion physics programme. Participants of the BM@N collaboration will discuss plans for the next experimental runs and review the status of data analysis of strange particle and nucleus fragment production in carbon and argon beams. The meeting has united participants from scientific centres of Russia, Bulgaria, Israel. In total, the collaboration includes 10 institutes and 184 participants.

JINR scientists studied fossil mollusc shells change
Staff members of the Laboratory of Neutron Physics JINR in collaboration with colleagues from the Borissiak Paleontological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Tula Regional Museum of Local Lore have identified features of the crystallographic texture of minerals in fossil shells of molluscs. The findings would enable scientists to understand better how extinct molluscs were organized and lived about 165 million years ago.

School was a success!
From 12 to 16 September, JINR hosted a Scientific School for the students of the Children's University of the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology (Egypt). 12 students who had passed the competitive selection learnt about the research implemented at the Joint Institute, about our city and the sights of Moscow.

From the JINR Annual Report
"Statistics knows everything" - it was ironically noted in the well-known book by Ilf and Petrov. However, the figures published every year in JINR reports not only know, but also speak of many things, such as the fact that the work of the departments, despite the coronovirus circumstances, went on as a well-established mechanism - stably, clearly, efficiently.

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