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Calendar. Memorable events and dates of 2024

15-17 January - Meeting of the Working Group under the Chairman of the CP on financial issues of JINR. Vietnam, Hanoi

22-23 January - Meeting of the Programme Advisory Committee for Particle Physics

25-26 January - Meeting of the Programme Advisory Committee for Condensed Matter Physics

29-30 January - Meeting of the Programme Advisory Committee for Nuclear Physics

29 January - 3 February - Winter School DIAS - BLTP "Systems of many particles: from quarks to stars"

8 February - Russian Science Day

11-17 February - International School "Nuclear theory and astrophysical applications"

15-16 February - 135th session of the JINR Scientific Council

19-24 February - International Conference "Modern problems of mathematical physics"

February - Student programme START-2024, winter session

25-28 February - International School on Nuclear Techniques and Applied Research in Environmental, Materials and Life Sciences. Varadero, Cuba

29 February - 1 March - JINR - Cuba meeting on applied research and personnel training

21 March - Meeting of the JINR Finance Committee

22-23 March - Meeting of the Committee of Plenipotentiary Representatives of the Governments of the JINR Member States

26 March - JINR Foundation Day

25-26 March - Seminar of Chinese-Russian cooperation on the NICA-MPD/ITS project

1-5 April - Scientific session of the Section of Nuclear Physics of the Department of Physical Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences "Physics of fundamental interactions"

14-18 April - International seminar on the interaction of neutrons with nuclei. Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt

April - 30 years ago, in 1984, the IBR-2 high flux pulsed reactor (at present, the modernized IBR-2 nuclear research facility), equipped with a fleet of neutron spectrometers for research on condensed matter physics was put into operation.

IBR-2 experimental hall. Photo by Yu.Tumanov

April - 40 years ago, in summer, in 1984, a physical launch of a phasotron with a spiral variation of a magnetic field increasing with an increase in radius for a proton energy of 680 MeV was carried out at the Laboratory of Nuclear Problems. The work was carried out under the supervision of V.P.Dzhelepov, V.P.Dmitrievsky and L.M.Onishchenko.

Phasotron hall. Overall view. Photo by Yu.Tumanov

June - 80 years ago, in 1944, V.I. Veksler, later an academician and the first director of the High Energy Laboratory, discovered the principle of autophasing (State Register of Scientific Discoveries of the USSR, No.10 with priority dated 8 June, 1944) that underlies development of all accelerators at high energies

June - 55 years ago, on 10 June, in 1969, the IBR-30 pulsed fast reactor was launched at the Laboratory of Neutron Physics for research in nuclear and neutron physics.

Preparations for the launch of the IBR-30 reactor. Photo by Yu.Tumanov

11 June - 90 years since the birth of Ivo ZVARA (11.06.1934 - 27.12.2021) Corresponding member of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences (1973). Lenin Prize (1967). Co-author of the discovery "The phenomenon of invention of the 105th element of the Periodic Table of D.I.Mendeleev" (1970)

13 June - Professor Vladimir NIKITIN turns 90 years old. USSR State Prize (1983) for the series of papers "Diffraction scattering of protons at high energies." Co-author of several discoveries

1-5 July - 2nd coordination workshop on radiation materials science on beams of fast and multiply charged heavy ions. Irkutsk

1-5 July - 74th International Conference on Nuclear Physics "NUCLEA-2023: Fundamental issues and applications"

7-14 July - 15th Joint ATCTP-BLTP workshop "Modern problems of nuclear physics and elementary particle physics"

15-19 July - International Conference "Modern problems of the theory of condensed matter"

29 July - 3 August - International meeting "Supersymmetries and quantum symmetries - SQS'24"

21 August - 115 years since the birth of Nikolay BOGOLYUBOV (21.08.1909 - 13.02.1992). Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR, Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR and the Russian Academy of Sciences. Lenin Prize (1958), Stalin Prize (1947, 1953), Hero of Socialist Labor (1969, 1979), USSR State Prize (1984). Founder and first director of the Institute of Theoretical Physics of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, founder and first director of the Laboratory of Theoretical Physics, from 1965 to 1988 - JINR Director

8 August - International scientific seminar "Experimental techniques in particle physics", dedicated to the memory of Professor I.A.Golutvin, dedicated to the 90th anniversary of his birth

15-20 September - XV International Seminar on the problems of charged particle accelerators, dedicated to the memory of Professor V.P.Sarantsev. Resort Hotel "Dubna", Alushta

October - 30 years ago, in 1994, on the initiative of JINR Directorate, with the active participation of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, the administrations of the Moscow region and the city of Dubna, the University of Nature, Society and Human Being "Dubna" was developed. The teaching staff of the university includes dozens of JINR employees and world-class scientists. The university's educational base widely develops on the territory of JINR

9 October - 100 years since the birth of Ivan CHUVILO (9.10.1924 - 16.03.2001). USSR State Prize (1953). Co-author of the discovery "Disintegration of the phi-zero meson into an electron-positron pair" (1967). One of the founders of the JINR High Energy Laboratory, associate of V.I.Veksler

14 October - 80 years since the birth of Alexey SISAKYAN (14.10.1944 - 1.05.2010). Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, foreign member of the Armenian Academy of Sciences. Lenin Komsomol Prize in the field of science and technology (1973). Vice-Director of JINR (1989-2006), Director of JINR (2006-2010).

December - 75 years ago, on 14 December, 1949, a comprehensive launch of the synchrocyclotron constructed at the Hydrotechnical Laboratory (HTL AS USSR), currently, the Laboratory of Nuclear Problems of JINR was held.

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